Give a guy one, two, or even three years with his friends, and the time crawls by with little to no meaning.
Give a guy one, two, or even three weeks with his friends, and the time flies by with every moment being a little more special than the last.

~THAT’s relativity~

My few weeks here in the Valley have been very enjoyable, and I really wish I could have stayed longer, but alas, my time to depart has come.
During my stay, I’ve reunited with friends, even friends I thought had left my life.

My trip back to the States has been very successful, as far as relationships go…
I leave with absolutely no regrets,
and I leave knowing that when I come back, I can always rely on my friends to be there to greet me with smiling faces =)

Until next time, Uncle Sam… until next time. 

and so, the painful process of packing begins

I welcome you to my world: I welcome you to my world.


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This is mi family. These are the people that I went to surprise this weekend.

After three years from being away, I finally saw them and they just made my weekend. They are the people I would die for, do stupid things for,…

Miss ya buddy

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